Chester Noise Abatement Project

PennDOT is moving forward with the Chester Noise Abatement Project to reduce noise levels and improve conditions for people living near Interstate 95 in the City of Chester and Chester Township. PennDOT will build noise walls along sections of I-95 between Highland Avenue and the bridge over Ridley Creek. Affected property owners and tenants will approve each location. PennDOT’s project team plans to start public outreach in the potential noise wall areas in summer 2024.

Where is the project happening?

What does noise abatement mean?

Noise abatement is the reduction or control of unwanted noise. By building a wall or barrier to shield nearby properties from traffic noise, PennDOT hopes to achieve noise abatement along I-95. Noise walls help lessen the environmental impact of sounds from a highway on nearby communities by blocking the direct travel of sound waves. They may also block the view of the highway. With this project, PennDOT aims to reduce highway noise reaching neighborhoods and improve residents’ overall quality of life.

How will the project be implemented?

PennDOT will design and build noise walls in phases. First, PennDOT will build walls that do not require right-of-way acquisition, complex engineering, or involve other transportation projects.

Where will the first noise walls be built?

Pending approval of property owners and tenants, Phase 1 involves the design and construction of noise walls on 12th Street between Madison Street and Melrose Avenue alongside northbound I-95, as shown in the map to the right. Phase 1 construction is expected to start in 2026 and finish by 2028

When will future phases be built?

The schedule for future noise wall phases will follow based on the resolution of more complex engineering design challenges, land acquisitions, and coordination with other projects in the corridor. PennDOT is working on the more complex project phases while advancing the initial set of noise walls along 12th Street in the City of Chester.

How can I get involved?

PennDOT will engage with local partners, property owners, and tenants in the proposed noise wall areas to inform them of noise reduction plans and find out if they desire noise walls. Property owners and tenants will have a say on the wall’s appearance on the community-facing side.

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