CSP: Traffic

Current Traffic Conditions

There are two major issues related to traffic conditions for the I-95 CSP section.

  • Under 2016 existing conditions¹, five of the 19 ramps along the corridor can become congested during the morning or evening rush hour.
  • Getting on and off the highway can be confusing for infrequent travelers, and connections between I-95 and I-76 require using local streets.

1 Data for AM/PM peak traffic Level Of Service analysis was generated by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) using the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual and is based on the density of vehicles on the highway (passenger cars/mile/lane).

Map Showing Congested Ramps

Year 2045 Forecasts

Traffic is expected to increase in the project corridor by 2045. Problematic traffic volume, varying lane counts, and roadway geometry will exacerbate congestion at select interchanges during the morning and evening rush hour.

1 The green bar “2015” represents actual traffic data. The blue bar “2045” represents projections based on current traffic levels. Projections are updated every five years.

Map Showing Future Ramp Congestion