CPR Project Overview

Reconstruct and improve 1.4 miles of I-95 between the Cottman Avenue (Rt. 73) and Bridge Street interchanges, including the Cottman Avenue Interchange.

Section CP1 construction was completed in 2012. Mainline reconstruction, Section CP2, along with surface street improvements in the vicinity of the interchange, was completed in late 2017. A third and final contract, Section CP3, is under construction and will complete installation of new water and sewer mains in the vicinity of the interchange and finish construction of the new on-ramp from Cottman Avenue (Route 73) to I-95 south.


Section CP1

Construction Cost: $34 million
General Contractor: Tony DePaul & Son, Blue Bell, PA
Construction Start: April 2009
Construction Completion: September 2012

I-95/CP1 Details:

  • New on-ramp at State RoadConstruction of a new southbound on-ramp from State Road at Longshore Avenue (right)
  • Removal of the existing southbound on-ramp from Princeton Avenue
  • Construction of a new northbound on-ramp spur from Milnor Street that connects with the existing northbound on-ramp from Princeton Avenue
  • Improvements to Princeton Avenue between Torresdale Avenue and State Road that included installation of traffic calming features (curb bump-outs) and a painted bicycle lane. Princeton Avenue was converted from a one-way eastbound to a two-way road at the completion of improvements
  • Widening and reconstruction of Cottman Avenue to include one lane eastbound and two lanes westbound from State Road to Torresdale Avenue. Vertical clearance under the AMTRAK overpass near State Road also was increased to 14′ 6″
  • Widening of State Road to two lanes southbound, one lane northbound, between Cottman and Princeton avenues



Section CP2

Construction Cost: $239.3 million
General Contractor: Walsh Construction Company II, LLC, Cannonsburg, PA
Construction Start: November 2012
Construction Completion: Late 2017

I-95/CP2 Details:

  • Water main installation under Wissinoming StreetReconstruction of the I-95 pavement and seven (7) bridges between Bleigh Avenue and Levick Street
  • Replacement of mainline bridges over Bleigh Avenue; Northbound off-ramp to Cottman Avenue; Northbound on-ramp from Princeton Avenue; New State Road; Longshore Avenue; Unruh Avenue; and Magee Avenue
  • Widening and improvements to the southbound off-ramp to Bleigh Avenue
  • Building 13 Retaining Walls adjacent to and supporting I-95
  • Replacement of an 84” diameter Philadelphia Water Department water main under Wissinoming Street between Cottman and Princeton avenues
  • Upgrades to I-95’s ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) network
  • Reconstruction of New State Road between Milnor Street and Princeton Avenue
  • Extending Princeton Avenue as eastbound-only under I-95 from State Road to Milnor Street


Section CP3

Construction Cost: $52,699,305
General Contractor: C. Abbonizio Contractors, Inc. of Sewell, New Jersey
Construction Start: Spring 2022
Construction Completion: Spring 2024

I-95/CP3 Details:

This project is the final construction section for Section CPR, the Cottman-Princeton Interchange project.

  • Construct new southbound I-95 on-ramp at Cottman Avenue
  • Reconstruct Wissinoming Street
  • Construct left-turn lanes at the New State Road/Magee Avenue intersection
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities on Princeton Avenue
  • Construct a retaining wall to support the new on-ramp
  • Upgrade traffic signals at the New State Road/Elbridge Street, New State Road/Magee Avenue, State Road/Princeton Avenue, and State Road/Cottman Avenue intersections
  • Construct permanent speed tables on “Old” State Road
  • Remove abandoned rail sidings, resurface, and construct additional sidewalks on Milnor Street
  • Stripe Milnor Street for future Tacony-Holmesburg Trail cycle track
  • Perform landscape enhancements in the Milnor Street/Princeton Avenue area
  • Upgrade lighting to LED
  • Pave railroad siding area under the I-95/Bleigh Avenue overpass
  • Paint vertical concrete surfaces
  • Relocate a sanitary sewer