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"This new approach to project planning and development expands the department's requirements for engaging local and planning partners by requiring collaboration with stakeholders before project scopes are developed. PennDOT Connects aims to transform capital and maintenance project development by ensuring that community collaboration happens early, and that each project is considered in a holistic way for opportunities to improve safety, mobility, access, and environmental outcomes for all modes and local contexts." PennDOT Connects Policy Statement

Monkiewicz Playground

There is an opportunity to connect the open space areas of the Monkiewicz Playground by placing I-95 on an elevated structure (viaduct). The Project Team is working with the community to explore the new options to enhance park activity using this area underneath the highway. Options for the new space are further explored in the tabs below.

Please remember that anything not yet fully designed or under construction is an opportunity for public input.


AFC: Monkiewicz Playground: Playground Changes

There is an opportunity to increase open space at the Monkiewicz Playground under and on either side of I-95 by placing the highway on a viaduct instead of fill. In addition, additional green space can be created by the removal of the northbound off-ramp and by replacing the slopes with retaining walls on either side of the highway.

Soil Storage at Monkiewicz Playground

Monkiewicz playground changes


AFC: Monkiewicz Playground: Using the Viaduct

Placing I-95 on a viaduct between Allegheny Avenue and Westmoreland Streets creates an opportunity to reconnect the east and west sides of the Monkiewicz Playground. Viaducts of various lengths can be designed; they are explored in the graphics below. Additionally, this area underneath the highway can be used in a variety of ways to enhance park activity. During Preliminary Engineering we are designing a full-length viaduct.

AFC viaduct options


AFC: Monkiewicz Playground: Possible Underpass Uses

  • Stormwater Management
  • Small Ball Fields
    • Bocce Ball
    • Handball
    • Roller Hockey
  • Skate Park
  • Performance Venue
  • Art Installations
  • Parking
  • Outdoor Market

AFC underpass uses


AFC: Monkiewicz Playground: Using the Additional Green Space

The new green space created by the highway improvements can be used to provide additional benefits to the community through both active and passive recreational uses.

Possible Green Space Uses

  • Passive Open Space
  • Stormwater Management
  • Art Installations
  • Playground
  • Dog Park
  • Basketball Courts
  • Small Ball Fields
    • Bocce Ball
    • Handball
    • Shuffleboard

AFC green space uses

Additional Improvements

In addition to improvements to the Monkiewicz Playground, section AFC includes upgrades to nearby surfaces streets, reconstruction of SEPTA’s Westmoreland Loop terminal, and updates to the Veteran’s Memorial. Details on these improvements can be found in the tabs below.


AFC: Additional Improvements: Richmond Street

  • Replace numerous utilities, including installation of new sub-surface gas and water mains and relocating PECO electric poles;
  • Widen Richmond Street between Ann Street and Allegheny Avenue;
  • Install painted crosswalks and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) ramps – with detectable warning surfaces for the visually impaired – at all intersections;
  • Improve the stormwater drainage system;
  • Replace SEPTA Route 15 trolley tracks and catenary poles from Ann Street to Westmoreland Street;
  • Replace curbs, sidewalks, and traffic signals;
  • Install new ornamental, pedestrian-scale streetlights from Ann Street to Westmoreland Street; and
  • Plant 60-plus street trees along Richmond Street.

Rendering of Richmond Street improvements


AFC: Additonal Improvements: Melvale Street

Melvale Street was widened and repaved from East Clearfield Street to Wishart Street to provide additional on-street parking. Additionally, new ornamental streetlamps were installed. Construction completed in 2019.

Melvale Street rendering


AFC: Additional Improvements: Emery Street

Emery street will be widened and repaved from Westmoreland Street to Madison Street to provide additional on-street parking. A new brick wall will be constructed along Emery Street between SEPTA’s new Westmoreland Loop terminal.

Emery Street rendering



AFC: Additional Improvements: SEPTA Westmoreland Loop Terminal

SEPTA’s Westmoreland Loop trolley/bus station will be reconstructed, including new pavement, bus shelter, trolley platforms, stormwater management, perimeter wall/fencing, and landscaping.

Westmoreland Loop render



AFC: Additional Improvements: Veteran’s Memorial

The existing veteran’s memorial on Richmond Street will be relocated near the corner of Ann Street and Richmond Street.

Veteran's memorial rendering