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"This new approach to project planning and development expands the department's requirements for engaging local and planning partners by requiring collaboration with stakeholders before project scopes are developed. PennDOT Connects aims to transform capital and maintenance project development by ensuring that community collaboration happens early, and that each project is considered in a holistic way for opportunities to improve safety, mobility, access, and environmental outcomes for all modes and local contexts." PennDOT Connects Policy Statement

AFC: Ann Street to Frankford Creek


There is an opportunity to connect the open space areas of the Monkiewicz Playground by placing I-95 on an elevated structure (viaduct). The Project Team is working with the community to explore the new options to enhance park activity using this area underneath the highway. Read more about the Monkiewicz Playground and other AFC neighborhood improvements here.

Monkiewicz playground changes

BSR/BRI: Betsy Ross Bridge thru Bridge Street

The Juniata Triangle is a PennDOT owned triangle of land located at the corner of Thompson and Juniata streets that provides an opportunity to provide additional landscaping and screening to a vacant lot abutting highway right-of-way. Read more about the Juniata Traingle and other BSR/BRI neighborhood improvements here.

rendering of Juniata Triangle


CPR: Cottman-Princeton Interchange

PennDOT will be landscaping the open space along the CPR project corridor. These plans include planting a variety of trees that will serve a decorative purpose in addition to aiding with stormwater management. Read more about CPR landscaping and other neighborhood improvements here.

GIR: Girard Avenue Interchange

When construction of the interstate’s viaducts is completed, Richmond Street will carry the SEPTA Route 15 trolley, as well as cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians. The vision for this stretch of Richmond Street is to make it as attractive and green as possible, while remaining accessible to the neighborhoods on the west side of I-95. Read more about the Richmond Street Streetscape and other GIR neighborhood improvements here.

Rendering of Richmond St improvements