Sector B

Sector B

Interstate 95 in Central and South Philadelphia between Spring Garden Street and Broad Street and Penn’s Landing.

I-95 Sector B (I-95/CSP & I-95/CAP)

Over the next decade or so, PennDOT will reconstruct a nearly six-mile segment of Interstate 95 in Central and South Philadelphia between Spring Garden Street and the Girard Point Bridge.

The work currently includes two project sections – the Central to South Philadelphia corridor study (I-95/CSP), and the Penn’s Landing improvement project (I-95/CAP). These two projects are proactively planning for a future I-95 that builds on local and reginal plans to:

  • Meet the multi-modal transportation needs of the City, region, and eastern seaboard
  • Fit I-95 into its urban context
  • Improve access to important expanding economic nodes
  • Increase bicycle and pedestrian access passing over or underneath the highway
  • Enhance freight connections
  • Address safety and design deficiencies

The first construction phase of the Central to South Philadelphia project will be work at the Penn’s Landing area to improve multi-modal connections from Center City Philadelphia to the Delaware River (I-95/CAP).

The centerpiece of the project will be a new bridge structure that will span both I-95 and Columbus Boulevard between Chestnut and Walnut streets, providing more direct access to the waterfront and space for recreational uses. The project will also extend the South Street pedestrian bridge from the east edge of I-95 over Columbus Boulevard to Penn’s Landing. This section is expected to go to construction in 2023.

Please note that all schedules regarding Sector B are subject to change due to work and funding restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

PennDOT’s project partner the Delaware River Waterfront Development Corporation has created a website with additional information and imagery about the I-95 CAP Project. You can visit that webpage here: www.parkatpennslanding.com/.