News Releases

Irish and Scottish Memorials Relocated to Foglietta Park

November 22, 2023  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced today that construction crews have completed the relocation of the Irish Memorial and the Scottish Memorial from the Chestnut Street Park over Interstate 95 to a temporary location at Foglietta Park (see below) at the corner of 38th Parallel Place and Spruce Street on Tuesday, November 21.

The memorials were moved separately from the Chestnut Street Park to their temporary locations for continuing public display at Foglietta Park (see the Irish Memorial being moved below).

Other memorial-related amenities at the Chestnut Street Park also will be moved to Foglietta Park after the Memorials are relocated.

The Chestnut Street Park over Interstate 95 was closed to the public in early November. The Park and other amenities on the existing covered area over I-95 between Chestnut and Walnut streets will be dismantled and the concrete covering demolished over the coming months.

The Memorials will be returned to the new, expanded I-95 cap at the completion of construction in 2028.

Chestnut Street and the loop through Penn’s Landing to Market Street remains open to vehicles and pedestrians until early next year when the road will close for demolition of the cap structure.

The work is part of PennDOT’s $329 million I-95/CAP project to replace, expand, and improve the existing covered section of I-95 and improve multi-modal connections between Center City and the Delaware River waterfront.