News Releases

I-95 Project Development Continues During COVID-19 Crisis

April 27, 2020 – PennDOT continues to advance its long-term initiative to reconstruct Interstate 95 in Pennsylvania during the COVID-19 crisis. 

All of the I-95 Reconstruction Project Sections for Sector A (Cottman Avenue through Vine Street) and Sector B (Vine Street to the Girard Point Bridge) remain actively under planning and design. PennDOT’s Design Teams for each of the project sections continue many scheduled engineering and related tasks while working from home, supported by regular virtual meetings.

Communication with the public and I-95 Stakeholders will be maintained through the I-95 website, 95revive.com, where Project Updates, news releases, slide shows and other graphic presentations, are posted periodically as each design progresses.

For the foreseeable future as large public gatherings remain restricted, Public Outreach teams will explore creative uses of technology (real-time online meetings and forums, video conferencing, robo-calls, etc.), and targeted mailings to present project updates and display plans in order to gather feedback from the public and Stakeholders as project milestones are reached.

Projects currently in the active Design Phase include Sections:

  • CPR/Cottman Princeton Interchange: Section CP3
  • BSR/Bridge Street Interchange: Sections BS2 and BS5
  • BRI/Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange: Sections BR3 and BR4
  • AFC/Allegheny Avenue Interchange: Sections AF2, AF3 and AF4
  • GIR/Girard Avenue Interchange: Sections GR5 and GR6
  • CAP/Penn’s Landing Improvement Project

Section CSP in Sector B is currently a Planning Study and not yet in the Design Phase.

Details about each of these design projects can be found on the 95revive.com website.

As design continues, active construction projects at the Girard Avenue (Section GR4), Bridge Street (Section BS4), and Richmond Street (Section AF1) at the Allegheny Avenue interchanges will resume work. In the coming weeks, new construction projects will get underway at the Bridge Street (Section BS1) and Betsy Ross Bridge (Section BR2) interchanges. Mandatory worker safety protocols will be in place during the ongoing COVID-19 crises.