Construction Update

GIR Construction Update: Winter 2021-22

Work Continues in Median and Underneath I-95 at Girard Avenue Interchange

January 13, 2022 – Following completion of the new southbound viaduct (see below) and new ramps at the Interstate 95/Girard Avenue Interchange last fall, GR4 median construction continues on the mainline this winter along with the installation of ground-level improvements at the interchange under I-95.

I-95 motorists are now driving on a completely rebuilt and widened interstate from Allegheny Avenue, through the Girard Avenue Interchange to Frankford Avenue, with only temporary median construction barriers and occasional daytime and off-peak travel restrictions on both northbound and southbound I-95 through mid-2022. This spring, all barriers should be removed until the next phase of the overall Girard Avenue Interchange project begins in 2023.

Several I-95 viaducts and other structures beginning at Frankford Avenue and progressing south to near Race Street will be replaced under Section GR6 (southbound) construction beginning in 2023 and Section GR5 (northbound) construction scheduled to start in 2026. 

Ongoing work under the new, twin, mile-long I-95 viaducts between Palmer and Ann streets (The northbound viaduct was replaced under Section GR3 construction ending in 2018.) includes the creation of a variety of public spaces (see below, left). In addition to a multi-use trail that will be incorporated into the Delaware River Greenway that stretches along the waterfront, PennDOT is investing in Cobblestone pathways, blue-dyed concrete pavement, rain gardens, rock-lined drainage basins, strips of planted grass areas, benches, trees, and small public parking areas.

Pedestrian-friendly LED street and overhead lighting will illuminate the underside area when construction of these sustainable, ground-level improvements that are designed to benefit residents living in neighborhoods along the interstate finishes in spring 2022.

During the past three years of construction on the $315 million Section GR4 contract, PennDOT has rebuilt and widened southbound I-95, including replacement of the mile-long southbound viaduct between Ann and Palmer streets, rebuilt the southbound off- and on-ramps, and installed noise barrier walls along southbound I-95.

The GR4 contract also includes installation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) components that are currently under construction at various locations across the region (on I-95, U.S. 1, and PA 332). Those components will assist PennDOT and the City of Philadelphia with traffic and incident management on the region’s highways.

The GR4 improvements in place between Allegheny Avenue and Palmer Street connect to a 1,200 foot-segment of I-95 south of the interchange that was reconstructed in 2013-2015 under the GR2 contract.

PennDOT has invested more than $660 million since 2009 rebuilding this section of I-95 in Philadelphia. Two additional project sections, GR5 and GR6, will complete the reconstruction of I-95 from Allegheny Avenue to the Interstate 676 Interchange between 2023 and 2029.