Construction Update

CPR Construction Update: Winter 2024

Replacement Bridge, New Ramp Construction Continue at Cottman Avenue

January 17, 2024 – Construction continues this winter as conditions permit on the new ramp from Cottman Avenue to southbound Interstate 95 and on the middle section of the replacement bridge over the exit ramp at the I-95 Cottman Avenue Interchange that was destroyed in a June 11, 2023 tanker truck crash in Philadelphia.

Traffic was shifted onto the completed, outside sections of the new bridge last November following a fast-tracked schedule spearheaded by Governor Josh Shapiro in response to the fire that closed I-95 in Northeast Philadelphia for almost two weeks in late spring 2023.

Since the shift, workers have removed the reusable, ultra-light foamed glass aggregate that was used to create a temporary, six-lane roadway during construction of the outer sections of the bridge. The fire-damaged abutments are now being repaired and prepped for the placement of new deck beams for the center section of the new bridge.

Construction of the new concrete deck will follow the beam setting as crews work to finish the replacement span by mid-2024. The ramp under the bridge also will be reconstructed to repair the fire damage as bridge work progresses and will reopen once the overpass is completed.

Meanwhile, construction also continues through spring 2024 on the new Cottman Avenue on-ramp to southbound I-95 — immediately adjacent to the replacement bridge — under PennDOT’s $52.7 million I-95/CP3 project.

Crews have completed the retaining wall that will support the new ramp and are now building the ramp structure that will connect Cottman Avenue to southbound I-95 this spring.

Work also is underway on rebuilding Wissinoming Street adjacent to southbound I-95 between Cottman and Princeton avenues. The street has been used as a work area during CP3 construction and also will reopen with the completion of the ramp.

Utility installation and roadway construction also will wrap up this spring on surface street improvements on State Road, New State Road, Bleigh Avenue, Princeton Avenue, Levick Street, and Milnor Street in the vicinity of the interchange.

During all of the construction at the Cottman Avenue Interchange through next spring there will be periodic off-peak travel restrictions and pedestrian-posted detours on surface streets around and approaching the Cottman Avenue Interchange.

Under two previous construction projects – CP1, completed in 2012, and CP2, completed in 2017 — I-95 was reconstructed and widened to four lanes in each direction between Bleigh Avenue and Levick Street. I-95 bridges over Bleigh Avenue, the Cottman Avenue off-ramp, Princeton Avenue, New State Road, Unruh Avenue, and Magee Avenue also were replaced.

In addition, a new southbound on-ramp was constructed at Longshore Avenue, and a new northbound on-ramp was constructed at Milnor Street to merge with the existing on-ramp from Princeton Avenue. A number of surface streets in the vicinity of the interchange also were improved, including Cottman and Princeton avenues and New State Road.

C. Abbonizio Contractors, Inc. of Sewell, N.J., is the general contractor on the CP3 project. Buckley & Co. of Philadelphia is replacing the damaged bridge under an emergency contract.