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CAP Clearing, Tree Removal Underway

September 18, 2023 – PennDOT’s contractor began clearing and tree removal in the I-95/CAP construction area on Monday, September 18, in preparation for the start of demolition of the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge and relocation of the Irish and Scottish memorials later this fall, to be followed by demolition of the existing cover over I-95 between Chestnut and Walnut streets.

Trees and shrubbery will be removed from the following locations:

  • The east side of Front Street between Chestnut and Walnut streets;
  • The south side of Lombard Circle adjacent to the Chart House parking lot;
  • The South Street parking lot along Columbus Boulevard; and
  • At the landing area for the Walnut Street Pedestrian Bridge on the east side of Columbus Blvd.

Chestnut Street over I-95 will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists until the existing capped area is closed.

Clearing and tree-removal operations will be done Mondays through Fridays during the day.

For questions or concerns about I-95/CAP construction, write us at info@95revive.com,

Or call the I-95 Construction Helpline at 215-513-1399.

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