Construction Update

BRI Construction Update: Spring 2022

Ramp Construction Expands this Spring at Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange

April 12, 2022 – The ramp from Aramingo Avenue to Interstate 95 south at the Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange closed in early spring for construction of a replacement ramp that will connect to the under-construction replacement ramp from the Bridge to southbound I-95.

Structural steel is in place for much of the new ramp from the Bridge to I-95 south. Crews are pouring the ramp’s concrete deck in sections, working from the east side of I-95, over the interstate’s mainline, and curving south to where it joins with the now-closed ramp from Aramingo Avenue.

A short section of a new ramp from the Bridge that also connects with the ramp to I-95 north is under construction and scheduled to finish and reopen to northbound traffic in late spring. A retaining wall along Juniata Street on the east side of I-95 that helps support the ramp’s abutment is substantially completed.

Until the northbound ramp reopens, Bridge traffic to I-95 north remains detoured through the interchange with Aramingo Avenue on the west side of I-95.

With the closing of the Aramingo Avenue ramp to I-95 south, all traffic to I-95 south continues to run through the interchange to the Adams Avenue Connector, which was opened to westbound traffic to accommodate the new detour route. From the westbound Connector, motorists are now directed east on Torresdale Avenue, then south on Harbison Avenue/Aramingo Avenue to the I-95 south on-ramp at the Bridge Street Interchange until the ramps are finished next spring.

Construction of the new, connecting ramps to I-95 south from the Bridge and from Aramingo Avenue is scheduled to finish next spring. The ramp from southbound I-95 to Aramingo Avenue, which has been closed for construction of the new ramp from the Bridge, will also reopen at this time.

The ramp from northbound I-95 to the Bridge remains under construction. It is being rebuilt a half-at-a-time and remains open to traffic.

Section BR2 ramp construction ($93 million) started in mid-2020. When BR2 construction finishes in mid-2023, the ramps will be tied-in to improvements that have been completed along Aramingo Avenue and Adams Avenue.

Two additional contracts, Sections BR3 and BR4, will reconstruct almost a mile of I-95’s mainline between the Betsy Ross Bridge and Bridge Street interchanges. Section BR3, which will reconstruct the northbound lanes of I-95 and replace two additional ramps, is scheduled for construction in 2023. Southbound I-95 reconstruction at the interchange is currently scheduled for 2026.

The first ramp replacement contract at the interchange, Section BR0, was completed in 2017.