Construction Update

BSR/BRI/Aramingo Avenue Construction Update: Winter 2017-18

Work Continues on Aramingo and Adams Avenues at Betsy Ross Interchange

January 2018 – Demolition and reconstruction is underway on the west side of the Aramingo Avenue bridge over the Frankford Creek, the first stage of the widening of Aramingo Avenue between Church Street and Wheatsheaf Lane to improve access to and from the new and rebuilt ramps to and from I-95 and the Betsy Ross Bridge.

The work zone and bridge on Aramingo Avenue

Once the western section of the old bridge is demolished, crews will begin building the corresponding section of the new bridge. The bridge is being built a half-at-a-time in order to maintain traffic flow on Aramingo Avenue, with one lane northbound and two lanes southbound through the work area.

Widening of the southbound side of Aramingo Avenue is underway on both sides of the bridge in tandem with the bridge reconstruction. Over three-plus years of construction ending in 2020, Aramingo Avenue is being widened to include four lanes between Wheatsheaf Lane and Adams Avenue* and six lanes from Adams Avenue to Church Street, with turn lanes to Church Street, the ramps to I-95 and the bridge, and to Adams Avenue.

Adams Avenue Connector

Work continues on the reconstruction and extension of Adams Avenue between Torresdale Avenue and Aramingo Avenue and the ramps to and from I-95 and the Betsy Ross Bridge. Crews are installing drainage (below) and preparing the sub-base grade of the Connector for paving later this year.

Crews install drainage for Adams Avenue Connector

The new intersection of Adams Avenue and Tacony Street is partially-finished. Construction of the new section of Adams Avenue roadway is proceeding east from the new intersection and across the former industrial area — which has been cleared of structures — toward the interchange and Aramingo Avenue.

Adams Avenue between Torresdale Avenue and Tacony Street will be closed temporarily this spring so that crews may complete the tie-in of the new road with Torresdale Avenue. Traffic is being maintained on Adams Avenue to the industrial properties between Tacony Street and Ashland Street.

Crews last fall finished installation of new water mains along Torresdale Avenue between Frankford Avenue and Adams Avenue, part of early-stage construction on the Adams Avenue Connector. New sidewalks and curb will be constructed along the west side of Torresdale Avenue this spring.

PennDOT is reconstructing, extending and improving Adams Avenue (Adams Avenue Connector) between Torresdale Avenue and Aramingo Avenue. The work is being done under an $81 million contract to jointly improve Aramingo Avenue and Adams Avenue.

Interchange Improvements Completed

Construction on the first-of-two contracts to improve ramp connections between I-95, the Betsy Ross Bridge and surface streets in the vicinity of the interchange was substantially completed in late 2017.

Work on the $160.3 million ramp improvement project began in early 2015, rebuilding and improving the ramps: 

  • From Aramingo Avenue to I-95 South;
  • From Aramingo Avenue to I-95 North (partially reconstructed);
  • From I-95 north to Aramingo Avenue;
  • From I-95 south to Aramingo Avenue; and
  • From I-95 south to the Betsy Ross Bridge.

Additionally, new ramps were built connecting the Betsy Ross Bridge to Aramingo Avenue and Aramingo Avenue to the bridge. These ramps remain closed until additional improvements to Aramingo Avenue and the ramps’ connections to the surface road system are completed, along with additional ramp improvements that will be built under a separate contract scheduled to go to construction in 2019.

Both ramp projects, along with improvements to Aramingo Avenue and Adams Avenue that remain under construction, are part of PennDOT’s larger plans to rebuild and improve the I-95 and its interchanges at both the Betsy Ross Bridge/Aramingo Avenue and Bridge Street.