Construction Update

AFC Construction Update: Spring 2021

Construction Underway to Improve Surface Streets at Allegheny Interchange

April 23, 2021 – Since starting work on the $31.2 million Interstate 95 Section AF2 project in April 2021, PennDOT’s contractor has removed the existing pavement and begun the process of reconstructing the north side of Castor Avenue between Delaware Avenue and Richmond Street, and on the west side of Delaware Avenue between Castor and Allegheny avenues.

Caption: Rendering of Castor Avenue Improvements.

The contractor has installed temporary traffic patterns on Castor and Delaware avenues for the current stage of work on the two-plus years of construction on AF2 to improve traffic movement to and from the Allegheny Avenue Interchange by rebuilding and improving segments of Allegheny, Delaware, and Castor avenues in Port Richmond.

Philadelphia Gas Works has relocated a 4-inch gas line on Castor Avenue between I-95 and Richmond Street and completed new service connections for the residences on the north side of Castor Avenue.

Over the coming months, PennDOT’s contractor and its sub-contractors will relocate utilities and install new drainage along Castor and Delaware avenues as part of the roadway reconstruction.

Construction also will get underway this Spring to install a brick sewer lining under Allegheny Avenue east of Richmond Street.

Caption: Sidewalks on Castor Avenue near Richmond Street will be replaced with a wider path under AF2.

Access will be provided for all residential and business driveways during the project.

AF2 construction is expected to be completed in 2023.

James J. Anderson Construction, of Philadelphia, is the general contractor.