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Wireless Alerts

Wireless Alerts are a free service provided by this website. However, please note that additional charges from your cellular provider may apply if your current wireless plan does not include free unlimited text messages.

If you have a text-message or SMS-enabled phone, you should be able to receive text messages via email. Below is a list of common wireless email address formats (replace 4445551212 with your own 10-digit wireless phone number).

  • AT&T Wireless: 4445551212@mobile.att.net (110 character limit for TDMA subscribers, 160 for mMode/Next Generation network users) 
  • Sprint PCS: 4445551212@messaging.sprintpcs.com (160 character limit) 
  • T-Mobile: 4445551212@tmomail.net (140 character limit) 
  • Nextel: 4445551212@messaging.nextel.com (140 characters limit without 2-way messaging; 500 character multiple messages with 2-way messaging) 
  • Cingular: 4445551212@mobile.mycingular.net (160 character limit) 
  • Verizon: 4445551212@vtext.com (160 character limit)

Use these formats to sign up on our Email Update page.