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Section BS2 Public Notice

King of Prussia, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Engineering District 6-0 is proposing improvements described below for S.R. 0095 (I-95) and local roadways near the Frankford Arsenal in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Federal funds are being utilized for this project. As part of Construction Section BS2, impacts are anticipated to the Frankford Arsenal, which was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and is, therefore, a Section 4(f) resource. Section 4(f) properties are publicly owned parks, recreation areas, wildlife or waterfowl refuges, and significant (either on or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places) historic properties.

The following project actions will impact the Frankford Arsenal National Register boundary:

  • As part of the project, portions of the Frankford Arsenal Wall along Tacony Street will be removed. The Frankford Arsenal Wall along Tacony Street consists of a stone wall and brick turret as well as a brick wall with iron fencing between brick columns. For this project, the entire brick wall will be removed. The section of brick wall that will be removed is within the National Register boundary of the Frankford Arsenal and is considered a contributing element to the property.
  • The stone wall and brick turret will remain in place. The turret is currently in a state of disrepair. As part of the project, the turret will be repaired. Portions of the existing stone wall are also in a state of disrepair; some sections of wall consist of cinderblock and metal plates instead of stone. The stone wall will be repaired with in-kind materials.
  • A temporary construction easement and drainage easement is needed for the installation of a 36-inch diameter pipe at Fraley Street and Tacony Street. The Frankford Arsenal metal fence at the Tacony Street and Fraley Street intersection will be temporarily impacted by this drainage pipe construction. The metal fence panels will be removed during construction and reinstalled. The concrete curbing at the base of the metal fence will be removed, and new tinted curbing to match the existing ones will be installed. The existing traffic signal poles at the Fraley Street and Tacony Street intersection will be replaced. This will require a small amount of required right-of-way from the Frankford Arsenal National Register boundary.
  • New ADA ramps at Bridge Street and Ramsay Road will be constructed at the intersection; there are currently no ADA ramps at this location. In order to provide ADA accessibility as well as the possible inclusion of future traffic signal poles at the Bridge Street and Ramsay Road intersection, the project will need to acquire a small amount of required right-of-way from within the Frankford Arsenal National Register boundary.

The proposed mitigation for the Section 106 Adverse Effect to the Frankford Arsenal will consist of two commitments:

  1. PennDOT has agreed to buy the Frankford Arsenal Wall (between Fraley Street and Delaware Avenue roadway) and turret as part of the project, repair the wall and turret, and maintain the wall and turret after it is repaired.
  2. PennDOT will include a formliner in the construction of the I-95 northbound on-ramp retaining wall. The formliner will be included on the retaining wall on the west side of the on-ramp facing the Delaware Avenue and Tacony Street intersection. FHWA and the PA SHPO agree with this type of formliner for mitigation. While the image on the formliner is not yet determined, it will feature a view of the Frankford Arsenal buildings prior to demolition. PennDOT will consult with the Section 106 consulting parties on the image for the formliner prior to construction.

See select renderings for the repairs of the stone wall and turret below.

These mitigation measures will return the Frankford Arsenal site to a condition better then currently exists. Because of these mitigation measures, PennDOT is planning to prepare a Programmatic Section 4(f) Finding for Transportation Projects that have a Net Beneficial Use (Net Benefit). PennDOT is soliciting Public Input on the Net Benefit finding. Comments can be provided to the following individual by January 29, 2021:

Colleen Meiswich
A.D. Marble
2200 Renaissance Boulevard
Suite 260
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(484) 533-2552

More information on U.S. DOT Section 4(f) can be found at https://www.environment.fhwa.dot.gov/4f/4fpolicy.asp#ident.

Section BS2 Renderings

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