News Releases

I-95 Reconstruction Continues During Coronavirus Pandemic

September 8, 2021 – PennDOT’s initiative to reconstruct Interstate 95 in Pennsylvania continues during the COVID-19 pandemic as design and construction firms adapt to a changing workplace and a challenging public environment.

Construction activities postponed at the outset of the crisis resumed after a two-month hiatus with a COVID-19 safety plan in place for each project in Pennsylvania.

I-95 Design Teams continue to adapt as well by working mostly remotely and utilizing online meeting and file-sharing technology to prepare the next round of projects for construction.

Communication with the public and I-95 Stakeholders is being maintained through newsletters, project-specific flyers and mailers, and through 95revive.com, where updates, news releases, slide shows and other graphic presentations are posted periodically as each project progresses.

While large public gatherings remain restricted, Public Outreach teams are exploring creative uses of technology (real-time online meetings and forums, video conferencing, pre-recorded videos, robo-calls, etc.), and targeted mailings to present project updates and to display plans in order to gather feedback from the public and Stakeholders as project milestones are reached.