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Cottman Avenue Interchange (Exit 30)

The gateway to Philadelphia’s Great Northeast, with access to Route 73 west, Route 73 east and the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge to New Jersey via State Road, and north/south arterials Torresdale Avenue, Frankford Avenue and U.S. Route 1/Roosevelt Blvd.

I-95 Section CPR (I-95/CPR)

Reconstruct and improve 1.4 miles of I-95 between the Cottman Avenue and Bridge Street interchanges, including the Cottman Avenue Interchange.

Under this project, PennDOT has reconstructed and improved the interchange at Cottman Avenue and approximately 1.4 miles of the adjacent interstate from Bleigh Avenue at the Cottman Interchange to Levick Street, north of Bridge Street. Work was completed on the second of three contracts in 2017. A third contract, CP3, will construct a new on-ramp to I-95 south from Cottman Avenue and complete utility work at the interchange. It is scheduled to go to construction in 2021.  Read more.