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BRI In Your Neighborhood

The purpose of the Sustainable Action Committee (SAC) is to coordinate efforts between PennDOT, City agencies, non-profit organizations, and the communities to develop better, safer, and well-maintained spaces under and adjacent to I-95. Coordination will become more substantial as the project moves further into Final Design.


  • Assist communities in planning for future design needs of some highway-adjacent parcels (fencing, lighting, landscaping, uses, etc)
  • Prepare landscape design for publicly accessible spaces, stormwater management areas, and embankments
  • Propose locations for street trees


  • Assist communities in planning for future uses under structures (e.g., parking)
  • Solicit input for under-structure and neighborhood-facing wall patterns (“formliners”)
  • Solicit input for potential under-structure aesthetic lighting needs, beyond safety lighting levels

Under Consideration

  • BRI: Juniata Triangle

    Click above to read more about how we will be using and transforming this vacant plot of land.