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Adams Avenue Connector

Connecting Torresdale Avenue in Frankford to Interstate 95, the Betsy Ross Bridge and Aramingo Avenue

Adams Avenue, Aramingo Avenue Construction Update

The Adams Avenue Connector

PennDOT is reconstructing and improving 900 feet of Adams Avenue between Torresdale Avenue and Ashland Street and building a 2,200 foot extension of Adams Avenue (Adams Avenue Connector) from Ashland Street to Aramingo Avenue. The Connector also includes construction of intersections with Aramingo Avenue and with the new ramps to and from Interstate 95 and the Betsy Ross Bridge that currently are under construction along Aramingo Avenue.

Work on the extension of Adams Avenue is being coordinated with construction underway concurrently to widen and improve Aramingo Avenue between Church Street and Wheatsheaf Lane (I-95/BS4). Go here for information on BS4. The two contracts are among the surface street improvements to I-95 in the vicinity of the Bridge Street and Betsy Ross Bridge/Aramingo Avenue interchanges.

Project Details

Adams Avenue between Torresdale Avenue and Ashland Street

  • Construct left and right turn lanes from Adams Avenue to Torresdale Avenue;
  • Construct a 12-foot-wide multi-use trail, with a six-foot buffer, along the west side of Adams Avenue. The limited width under the AMTRAK bridge reduces the multi-use trail to ten-foot-wide and replaces the six-foot buffer with bollards;
  • Eliminate the existing sidewalk on the south (westbound) side of Adams Avenue between Torresdale Avenue and Tacony Street to accommodate the multi-use trail under the existing AMTRAK bridge;
  • Reconstruct and widen 525 feet of Tacony Street north of Adams Avenue to align it with an existing driveway and provide right and thru/left turn lanes onto Adams Avenue;
  • Install traffic signals at Tacony Street and Church Street and at Adams Avenue and Tacony Street;
  • Provide a left turn lane from Adams Avenue to Tacony Street;
  • Install new street lighting along the multi-use trail/Adams Avenue between Torresdale Avenue and the new ramps to Aramingo Avenue.

Adams Avenue (new) between Ashland Street and Aramingo Avenue

  • Build a new, 2,250-foot, two-lane extension of Adams Avenue;
  • Tie in the extension with the new ramps to and from the Betsy Ross Bridge.

  • Construct a new intersection at Adams Avenue and Aramingo Avenue (above);
  • Construct a continuation of the 12-foot-wide multi-use trail, with a six-foot buffer, along the west side of Adams Avenue; and
  • Install new street lighting.

Along Torresdale Avenue between Auth Street and Hunting Park Avenue

  • Resurface Torresdale Avenue between Hunting Park Avenue and Auth Street;
  • Complete minor widening at Adams Avenue to provide left and right turn lanes;
  • Resurface 375 feet of Frankford Avenue west of Torresdale Avenue;
  • Install new overhead traffic signals at the intersections of Torresdale Avenue and Hunting Park Avenue, and Torresdale Avenue and Frankford Avenue, and install new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) ramps at the intersections;
  • Replace the sidewalk on the west side of Torresdale Avenue between Frankford Avenue and Womrath Street;
  • Install stormwater tree trenches on the east side of Torresdale Avenue between Frankford Avenue and Worrel Street, and between Adams Avenue and Womrath Street;
  • Replace street light luminaires between Orchard Street and Harbison Avenue; and
  • Replace 8-inch and 12-inch Philadelphia Water Department mains between Worrel Street and Adams Avenue.

ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) and street light installations

  • Replace the existing luminaries located on utility poles along Torresdale Avenue between East Hunting Park Avenue and Harbison Avenue  with new LED luminaries using the existing arms;
  • Install  CCTV cameras (Traffic Cams) at Torresdale Avenue and Adams Avenue, and at Tacony Street and Adams Avenue; and
  • Install DMS (electronic message signs)  on eastbound Adams Ave near Tacony Street.