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AFC Progress Photos

Shown below are all the current photographs of the project, in reverse chronological order. Enlarged images can be seen by clicking any of these thumbnails.

Workers installing a stop light on Richmond Street
May 01, 2019
Workers install a new stop light on Richmond Street.
Crews finished widening Melvale Street
May 01, 2019
The widening of Melvale Street was completed in the spring of 2019.
Crews preparing to lay concrete for a new sidewalk in front of the Monkiewicz Playground
May 01, 2019
Crews prepare to lay concrete for a new sidewalk in front of the Monkiewicz Playground.
April 08, 2019
New curbs and sidewalks are under construction on Richmond Street in Port Richmond. Crews are working from south-to-north installing curbs and sidewalks between Ann Street and Allegheny Avenue.
March 06, 2019
Workers install an electrical duct bank on Richmond Street north of Allegheny Avenue that will be used to power the SEPTA Route 15 Trolley following reconstruction of Richmond Street in Port Richmond.
March 06, 2019
Melvale Street is widened for additional Richmond Street parking. It will be paved this spring.
February 04, 2019
A crew installs an electrical duct bank under Richmond Street that will be used to power the Route 15 Trolley.
February 04, 2019
All of the facilities have been removed from SEPTA's Westmoreland Loop Terminal. A new Terminal is being built in its place as part of PennDOT's AF1 project.
February 04, 2019
Detour for northbound Richmond Street through traffic between Lehigh and Allegheny avenues in Port Richmond.
12.18_Richmond St
December 20, 2018
A crew installs a stormwater pipe as part of the widening of Melvale Street, part of the Richmond Street improvements underway in Port Richmond.