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AFC In Your Neighborhood

A Sustainable Action Committee (SAC) has been formed to coordinate efforts between PennDOT, City agencies, non-profit organizations, and the communities to develop better, safer, and well-maintained spaces under and adjacent to I-95. Coordination will become more substantial as the project moves through Final Design.


  • Assist communities in planning for future design needs of some highway-adjacent parcels (fencing, lighting, locations of benches, etc) 
  • Prepare landscape design for publicly accessible spaces, stormwater management areas, and embankments 
  • Propose location for street trees


  • Assist communities in planning for future uses under structures (e.g., parking) 
  • Solicit input for color scheme of structures (e.g., beams, retaining and sound barrier walls, abutments, piers, and columns) 
  • Solicit input for under-structure and neighborhood-facing wall patterns (“formliners”) 
  • Solicit input for potential under-structure aesthetic lighting needs, beyond safety lighting levels

Under Consideration

  • AFC: Monkiewicz Playground

    There is an opportunity to connect the open space areas of the Monkiewicz Playground by placing I-95 on an elevated structure (viaduct). The Project Team is working with the community to explore the options to enhance park activity using this area underneath the highway. Options for the new space are further explored by following the link (above).