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Allegheny Avenue/Castor Avenue Interchange (Exit 25)

Accessing the northern end of Port Richmond, Philadelphia’s waterfront, and the diverse neighborhoods of Kensington and points west.
AFC SAC Presentation 6.13.17    
AFC Open House Presentation 6.15.17

I-95 Section AFC (I-95/AFC)

Reconstruct and widen 1.5 miles of I-95 from just south of the Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange to Ann Street, including reconstruction and reconfiguration of the Allegheny/Castor Avenue Interchange. The southbound on and off-ramps  at Allegheny Avenue will be reconstructed, and the northbound off-ramp will be moved to Castor Avenue. In addition, the northbound on-ramp at Castor Avenue will be reconfigured to give access to I-95 along with a direct connection to the Betsy Ross Bridge.

Under the I-95/AFC project, PennDOT will improve I-95 and its bridges from Wheatsheaf Lane to Ann Street. Any widening that is necessary will be on the east side of I-95. The section of I-95 between Allegheny Avenue and Westmoreland Street will be rebuilt as a viaduct instead of at-grade as it is currently. Read more.