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Allegheny Avenue/Castor Avenue Interchange (Exit 25)

Accessing the northern end of Port Richmond, Philadelphia’s waterfront community, and the diverse neighborhoods of Kensington and points west.

I-95 Section AFC (I-95/AFC)

Reconstruct and widen 1.5 miles of I-95 from just south of the Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange to Ann Street, including reconstruction and reconfiguration of the Allegheny/Castor Avenue Interchange. The southbound on and off-ramps  at Allegheny Avenue will be reconstructed, and the northbound off-ramp will be moved to Castor Avenue. In addition, the northbound on-ramp at Castor Avenue will be reconfigured to give access to I-95 along with a direct connection to the Betsy Ross Bridge.

Under the I-95/AFC project, PennDOT will improve I-95 and its bridges from Wheatsheaf Lane to Ann Street. Any widening that is necessary will be on the east side of I-95. The section of I-95 between Allegheny Avenue and Westmoreland Street will be rebuilt as a viaduct instead of at-grade as it is currently. Read more.