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News Release

PennDOT Publishes Newsletter for I-95 Improvement in Philadelphia

Oct 05, 2016
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has published its fall 2016 I-95 News, an annual newsletter that chronicles PennDOT’s long range initiative to rebuild and improve Interstate 95 between Cottman Avenue and Interstate 676 in Philadelphia.

Included in the newsletter is information on the ongoing construction at the Girard Avenue (GIR), Betsy Ross Bridge/Aramingo Avenue (BRI), and Cottman Avenue (CPR) interchanges, as well as news about the current status of the projects to rebuild the Bridge Street (BSR) and Allegheny Avenue (AFC) interchanges and adjoining sections of I-95.

To receive a copy, or copies, of I-95 News in the mail, go to Subscribe at PennDOT’s website for I-95 construction, www.95revive.com. The newsletter also may be downloaded from the News section of the website.