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News Release

No Parking Under I-95 Between Lehigh and York

Aug 26, 2019

The PennDOT-owned right of way beneath Interstate 95 between Lehigh Avenue and York Street will be utilized until the end of 2021 for construction of improvements to the Girard Avenue Interchange.

Residents are asked to remove vehicles and other items of property that may be parked or stored under this section of I-95 so that our contractors are able to establish safe and secure work areas for construction of these improvements.

Please remove any items that you currently have parked or stored beneath I-95 immediately so that we may proceed with our work to improve I-95.

Vehicles remaining under I-95 after September 3, 2019 may be towed to a nearby parking space.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Write us at info@95revive.com.

Call or text the Construction Help Line at 215-513-1399