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News Release

AF1 Construction Notes

Apr 17, 2018

Winter 2018-19

What is happening now on Richmond Street?
  • Utility placement and relocations are currently underway on Richmond Street between Ann and Westmoreland streets.
What else will be done on Richmond Street?
  • The contractor is installing the new water mains along both sides of Richmond Street, and lining and reconstructing the sewer main and manholes between Elkhart Street and Allegheny Avenue.
  • Melvale Street (between Richmond Street and I-95) is being widened to create additional on-street parking for Richmond Street residents. 
What happens next on Richmond Street?
  • Beginning in late winter or early spring, PennDOT will begin reconstructing the sidewalks and pavement on Richmond Street between Ann and Westmoreland streets.
  • New pedestrian scale light poles, signals, catenary poles and trees will be placed along the roadway.
  • PennDOT also will install new trolley tracks for SEPTA’s Route 15 Trolley on the reconstructed section of Richmond Street.
  • The SEPTA Westmoreland Loop will be reconstructed to allow for the new trolley and bus access the following year.
Will this entire stretch of Richmond Street be under construction at the same time?
  • Plans call for the improvements to Richmond Street in 2019 to be built a block or two at a time.
  • The work zone size and location are likely to vary as work progresses both in 2019.
Will there be any detours of Richmond Street during AF1 construction?
  • Richmond Street is expected to remain open to local traffic in the northbound direction during construction.
  • Southbound traffic is being detoured.
  • Richmond Street will be closed one block at-a-time during the construction of the center SEPTA track structure later in 2019. The closures will likely be in effect for approximately two-weeks at-a-time.
  • The SEPTA Route 15 Trolley will continue to be detoured during work on AF1.
Why is PennDOT rebuilding this section of Richmond Street?
  • This section of Richmond Street is one of the main surface streets used for access to and from the Allegheny Avenue/Castor Avenue Interchange.
  • The improvements are the first phase in the reconstruction of I-95 between the Frankford Creek and Ann Street, including reconstruction and improvements to the Allegheny/Castor Interchange.
  • Completing these improvements now will assist in the movement of traffic during upcoming I-95 reconstruction, plus serve the long range traffic movement needs of the rebuilt interchange.
  • Completing the improvements on Richmond Street and at the Loop will allow SEPTA to resume Route 15 Trolley service.
Will trash pickup, mail delivery and other services continue during construction?
  • Yes.
How much will AF1 construction cost?
  • The construction contract for Richmond Street improvements is $32,139,695. AP Construction, Inc., of Blackwood, NJ is the general contractor.
Will I be able to park on Richmond Street during this construction?
  • Parking will be restricted in work areas. On-street parking on Richmond Street will remain available in areas where there is no construction. 
Is work on Richmond Street being coordinated with work on the I-95 viaducts at Girard Avenue?
  • Yes. Construction Management teams for these PennDOT projects will coordinate activities to ensure that there are no conflicts between the two projects and their impacts on the community.