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Construction Update

GIR Construction Update: Winter 2014/2015

Jan 05, 2015

Early Stage of Northbound Reconstruction Underway Girard to Allegheny

An early 2015 shift of northbound traffic to the center section of Interstate 95 signaled the start of three-plus years of construction activity that will rebuild the east (northbound) side of I-95 between the Girard Avenue and Allegheny Avenue interchanges in Philadelphia.

With dozens of support piers already in place and under construction on the east side of the interstate along Richmond Street (left photo), crews this winter will begin construction of a retaining wall and a temporary surface road along the eastern perimeter of I-95 between Ann Street and Allegheny Avenue. The temporary roadway will be used to carry northbound Richmond Street traffic to Allegheny Avenue — where motorists will be able to access Richmond Street to the northbound on-ramp at Castor Avenue - when the existing on-ramp to I-95 north at Delaware Avenue/Aramingo Avenue is closed in mid-year for reconstruction.

PennDOT expects to extend the east side work zone and begin demolition of the northbound viaduct carrying I-95 between Palmer Street and Ann Street, and excavate the existing northbound pavement between Ann Street and Clementine Street (just south of Allegheny Avenue) in mid-2015. The demolished and excavated sections of I-95 will be reconstructed and widened. The widening will shift the alignment of I-95’s mainline to the east so that a fourth through lane can be added in each direction without having to encroach on the residential communities abutting the west side of I-95.

Widening currently underway to add a fourth northbound through lane and an entry-exit lane between the Interstate 676 and Girard Avenue interchanges also continues between Frankford Avenue and Palmer Street. Crews over the winter will complete the widening of the east side of the bridges over Shackamaxon Street and Marlborough Street (right photo). (The ongoing widening south of Palmer Street eventually will tie-in with the widening north of Palmer Street.)

Along with widening on the east side, crews will continue reconstructing the pavement and bridges in the center section of I-95 from Frankford Avenue to Palmer Street (between I-676 and Girard Avenue).  Workers have removed the median barrier and the adjacent concrete paving and are rebuilding the center portions of bridges over Shackamaxon Street, Marlborough Street and Columnia Avenue. The southbound side of I-95 has been reconstructed and widened and is now carrying three lanes of southbound traffic through the busy work zone.

Sound walls with clear window top panels also are being installed atop the new retaining walls and bridges along Richmond Street between Shackamaxon Street and Columbia Avenue. These quality-of-life enhancements — along with the decorative abutment walls for the three bridges and LED lighting that will be installed at the underpasses — are the result of interaction between PennDOT and the community through a Sustainable Actions Committee (SAC) that met regularly during the design stage of the project.

Motorists and pedestrians will encounter periodic closures of Shackamaxon Street, Marlborough Street and Columbia Avenue as the bridges are rebuilt.

Other Ground Level Work between Palmer and Ann Streets

At the northern end of the work zone between Lehigh Avenue and Ann Street, crews are building abutment walls (left photo) for two of the four replacement Conrail bridges over Richmond Street near Somerset Street. (One of the new spans is in place.) Construction of a major sewer line interceptor near Somerset and Richmond streets also continues.

Work also is underway in this area to extend Richmond Street — which is being moved to the east to provide room for I-95’s realignment — from Lehigh Avenue north to Ann Street.

Ongoing utility work taking place on both sides of Delaware Avenue between Columbia and Aramingo avenues is setting the stage for a series of roadway improvements that eventually will find the existing off-ramp removed and relocated and Delaware Avenue widened from Columbia Avenue north to a new intersection with Aramingo Avenue/Richmond Street and a new ramp to I-95 north.

The work being done on I-95 and alongside the interstate is associated with three of six contracts valued at $342 million to rebuild the I-95/Girard Avenue Interchange and adjoining sections of the highway to the north and south of the interchange. James J. Anderson Construction Company, Inc. of Philadelphia is the general contractor on the three projects.