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Construction Update

GIR Construction Update: Summer 2015

Jul 13, 2015

Northbound Viaduct Demolition Underway

Demolition of the northbound viaduct between Palmer and Ann streets began the week of August 31 as construction continues at several locations to rebuild and improve the I-95/Girard Avenue Interchange.

The first stage of demolition will take down the section of viaduct from Lehigh Avenue to Ann Street. Crews are working atop and beneath I-95, cutting and removing the concrete roadway and barriers, dropping and demolishing the deck beams and other structural components, and taking down the support piers from ground level.

As the 80-span viaduct is removed, crews continue building support piers on the east side of the interstate along Richmond Street. Concrete beams that will support the deck of the reconstructed northbound side of I-95 will be placed atop the piers as demolition is completed along sections of the viaduct.

I-95 is being rebuilt on a slightly different alignment to the east to provide room to add a lane in each direction along with a continuous lane between on and off-ramps between the Girard Avenue and Allegheny Avenue interchanges. New northbound off and on-ramps also are under construction in the area between Palmer and Ann streets, with the ramps meeting at a new intersection that will be built at Richmond Street. The existing northbound on-ramp from Aramingo/Delaware/Girard avenues will be closed for reconstruction in October. Traffic heading for I-95 north at the Girard Interchange will be detoured along a temporary road that is under construction along the east side of I-95 from Ann Street to Allegheny Avenue. The existing northbound off-ramp will remain open until the new ramps are built.

Northbound reconstruction and widening will then take place over approximately two years. The demolition and reconstruction of the southbound side of I-95 in this area will then begin under a separate contract.

Richmond Street, which is being rebuilt on a new alignment to the east, will reopen north of Lehigh Avenue at the close of the on-ramp so that it can be used to access the detour for the closed ramp. To accomplish this, crews will continue work to relocate Richmond Street between Lehigh Avenue and Ann Street this summer.

Four Conrail overpasses that are replacing the old, low hanging bridge that once crossed Richmond Street between Lehigh Avenue and Somerset Street also will be in place, allowing relocated Richmond Street to be finished under the bridges. 

Work is also nearing completion on a sewer line interceptor just north of the Conrail bridges near Somerset Street.

South of Palmer Street

With traffic shifted to the median area between the Interstate 676 and Girard Avenue interchanges in late spring, work is underway to complete reconstruction and widening on the east side of I-95 between Frankford Avenue and Columbia Avenue.

Reconstruction of the new bridges over Shackamaxon Street, Marlborough Street and Columbia Avenue will be completed this year with the contractor utilizing double shifts.  Sound wall construction along the northbound side of I-95 in this area has finished.

The west (southbound) side of I-95 has been reconstructed and widened in this area and is now carrying three lanes of southbound traffic through the busy work zone.

Motorists and pedestrians will encounter periodic closures of Shackamaxon Street, Marlborough Street and Columbia Avenue as the bridges are completed.

Ground Level Work between Palmer and Ann Streets

Utility relocations continue working on both sides of Delaware Avenue between Columbia and Aramingo avenues in preparation for construction of a new intersection with Aramingo Avenue/Richmond Street that will provide access to the new ramp to I-95 north that will be built as part of northbound construction.

The work being done on I-95 and alongside the interstate is associated with three of six contracts valued at $342 million to rebuild the I-95/Girard Avenue Interchange and adjoining sections of the highway to the north and south of the interchange. James J. Anderson Construction Company, Inc. of Philadelphia is the general contractor on the three projects.