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Construction Update

GIR Construction Update: Fall 2017

Sep 26, 2017

Outer Section of New Northbound Viaduct Finishes

Northbound on-ramp reopens following traffic shift

Fall 2017 - Construction of the outside portion of the new northbound viaduct at the Interstate 95 Girard Avenue Interchange has wrapped up, with three through lanes of northbound traffic being shifted onto the new pavement and the northbound on-ramp from Richmond Street opened in mid-October.

With traffic shifted onto the partially-completed northbound viaduct and rebuilt northbound lanes north of Ann Street, crews immediately began demolition of the remaining, inside section of the original Palmer-to-Ann Street structure (right). As the old section of viaduct is demolished, crews over the coming months will begin building the remaining columns and piers that will support the inside section of the mile-long structure and prepare to set deck beams.

Beam setting and deck construction will continue on the northbound viaduct until late 2018. Demolition and reconstruction of the southbound viaduct and of the southbound travel lanes between Allegheny Avenue and the viaduct at Ann Street is expected to be underway in late 2018 as well.

The new on-ramp (left) allows vehicles to enter I-95 north at a new northbound interchange from Richmond Street. The ramp lane continues north as a separate lane that exits I-95 at the Allegheny Avenue off-ramp. The old on-ramp was closed in late 2015 for demolition and reconstruction of the outside section of the viaduct. The new northbound off-ramp, situated directly across the interchange from the new on-ramp, was opened earlier this year.

The opening of the new on-ramp allowed PennDOT to close the temporary detour road that was built adjacent to northbound I-95 from Ann Street to Allegheny Avenue.  The temporary road was built as part of the detour for traffic normally accessing I-95 north at Girard Avenue that was re-routed to the northbound on-ramp at Castor Avenue. The detour road will be reopened to northbound traffic during construction set to begin in late 2018 to rebuild and improve Richmond Street between Ann Street and Westmoreland Street. After Richmond Street reconstruction, the road will become part of the Delaware Avenue Greenway bicycle and pedestrian trail.

Work also continues on Delaware Avenue (right), which is being widened and rebuilt to carry traffic to and from the new northbound interchange on Richmond Street and the new southbound interchange that will be built during the next phase of the Girard Avenue Interchange project.

Finished Construction
Under improvements completed during earlier stages of construction at the interchange,  Richmond Street was relocated east to make room for a wider I-95 and reconstructed and widened from Ann Street to the new intersection with Delaware Avenue and Aramingo Avenue.  These improvements to Richmond Street also included replacement of the old Conrail overpass between Lehigh Avenue and Somerset Street with three new bridges and installation of a new sanitary sewer collection system (sewer interceptor) at Somerset Street as part of the Richmond Street improvements.

Construction wrapped up in late 2015 at the southern end of the I-95 Girard Avenue Interchange, where crews rebuilt and widened 1,200 feet of I-95 between Palmer Street and Frankford Avenue to four lanes in each direction.

Earlier completed I-95 improvements south of Palmer Street also included installation of noise walls and replacement of I-95 bridges over Columbia Avenue, Marlborough Street (right) and Shackamaxon Street. The new bridges have decorative walls and LED (Light
Emitting Diode) lighting. Special landscaped areas also were planted along Richmond Street adjacent to I-95. These quality of life enhancements were the result of interactions between PennDOT and community groups represented on the I-95 Sustainable Actions Committee (SAC).

PennDOT's $42.9 million project to rebuild the 1,200 feet of I-95 south of the Girard Avenue Interchange and replace the bridges over Shackamaxon Street, Marlborough Street and Columbia Avenue won the 2015 Project-of-the-Year awards from the Delaware Valley Section of the American Society of Highway Engineers.

Following reconstruction of the northbound side of I-95 in 2018, the next construction contract will rebuild the southbound side of I-95, including the southbound viaduct, between Allegheny Avenue and Palmer Street.  Reconstruction and widening of the southbound side of I-95 is scheduled to begin in 2018, with demolition of the southbound viaduct between Ann and Palmer streets anticipated to begin in 2019.

Two additional contracts slated for construction after 2020 will rebuild the northbound and southbound I-95 viaducts between Frankford Avenue and Race Street, near the I-676 Interchange.