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GIR: Noise Barriers

Prior to reconstruction in this area, I-95 did not include noise barriers to dampen the sound of vehicles traveling on the highway. Near neighbors within a defined distance of the highway voted to construct noise barriers adjacent to homes, schools and parks, and the first barriers have already been constructed between Frankford and Columbia avenues. In 2015, property owners located to the north of Columbia Avenue voted to have transparent barriers installed during GR4 construction. Psroperty owners south of Frankford Avenue will have the opportunity to vote on design and materials for the noise barriers prior to construction in those areas.

  • Status: Noise walls are in place between Frankford and Columbia avenues. Residents between Columbia Avenue and Ann Street and from Race Street to Frankford Avenue have also decided to have noise barriers installed. These will be constructed during stages GR4, GR5 and GR6 (2019-2024). Check back for phasing and construction details.
  • Timeline: Anticipated completion 2027
  • Project Updates: Noise barrier meetings for GR4 were held in 2015. GR5 and GR6 meeting dates have not yet been established.