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GIR: Conrail Bridges

The I-95 Girard Interchange Project (I-95/GR1) replaced the former Conrail bridge over Richmond Street with four smaller structures. The new Conrail bridges have created an attractive and safe new gateway for those traveling along Richmond Street.

The new bridges provide more daylight under the bridges and higher clearances on Richmond Street. The new design also includes better street lighting to enhance the experience of walking or driving under the Conrail bridges.

Ideas for sidewalls for new bridges over Richmond Street

The tracks on all four of the new Conrail bridges will be carried on beams as tall as nine feet that will be highly visible to travelers on Richmond Street. These sidewalls have been painted blue to soften and improve their appearance. There is the potential to add architectural lighting and community-based signage to transform the bridge sidewalls into a community gateway.

  • Status: Construction Completed in 2016