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CPR: Open Space

The map below shows potential uses for areas underneath I-95 in the vicinity of the Cottman Avenue Interchange Improvement Project.

In the vicinity of the interchange area, there are eight parcels that will become open space once PennDOT completes the transportation improvements associated with the reconstruction of I-95. The parcels will be used in the following manner:

  • Parcel 1, approximately 1.8 acres, is expected to be redeveloped. Until then, the parcel will be fenced and maintained by PennDOT.
  • Parcel 2, approximately 0.5 acre, will be reserved as community open space. PennDOT will provide a decorative wrought iron fence with a gate, and the community will determine how to use the land. A maintenance agreement with PennDOT will be required.
  • Parcel 3, approximately 0.2 acre, will also be community open space. PennDOT will provide fencing between this parcel and the properties facing State Road and plant low-maintenance native species on the lot. PennDOT is looking for a community partner to be responsible for ongoing maintenance.
  • Parcels 4 through 8 total approximately 3.5 acres and will remain under PennDOT ownership. These areas will be landscaped, and PennDOT is exploring with the Philadelphia Water Department whether any of these parcels can be used for additional stormwater management.

Seven bridges were reconstructed as part of this project. As a result, the underpasses at New State Road and Bleigh Avenue, Cottman Avenue, Princeton Avenue, Longshore Avenue, Unruh Avenue, and Magee Avenue have new lighting and ornamental formliner wall treatments (right).  In cooperation with the Philadelphia Streets Department, the new lighting fixtures will be LED and mounted in a manner that casts a brighter, more consistent quality of light for both vehicles and pedestrians. The formliner designs were discussed at two public meetings held in 2010.

Click on the map above to enlarge or click here to download the PDF.