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CPR: Landscaping

Parcel 2
No vegetation is planned for Parcel 2. PennDOT will install a decorative fence along the perimeter of the lot. The community will ultimately decide how it wants to use this space.

Parcel 3
Parcel 3 will have grass and a few planting areas abutting parcels where there is enough depth. The plantings used will be Adirondack maples, rhododendrons, rose shrubs and buffalo junipers. The trees used will be Paperback maples and Columnar Norway maples. There will be a vinyl coated chain link fence along the perimeter of the existing residential parcels.


Parcels 4-8 (Stormwater Management Areas)
The areas for stormwater management will be a mixture of grass and planting areas designed to aid in the filtration of rainwater. Most of the plantings will be low-profile, moisture-tolerant shrubs and plants such as junipers, rose shrubs and myrtles. In some areas, Paperback Maple trees will also be used.

In addition to these open spaces, PennDOT will be planting approximately 70 trees of three varieties along Princeton Avenue. These trees were selected from the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Department’s Recommended Shade Tree List and include the Paperback Maple, Japanese Lilac and Hedge Maple.


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