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GIR: Conrail Retaining Wall

The retaining wall that separates the Conrail yard from Richmond Street in Port Richmond stretches more than a half-mile from Sergeant Street north to Somerset Street. A prominent feature along Richmond Street, the new Conrail retaining wall is finished with simple decorative textures along its length to soften its visual impact.

Wave and bubble wall design

The wall design has a textured wave pattern (right), alluding to the nearby Delaware River, broken by a bubble-like pattern of circles. The bubbles appear wherever trees will be planted in wells that will filter stormwater, evoking the natural process of watering.

Mural and wall art locations

The wall features three smooth surface area breaks at the intersections of Huntington Street, Lehigh Avenue and Somerset Street. These 100 foot-wide smooth areas are proposed as locations for murals or other art. The areas are lined up with the intersections of well-traveled streets to provide a clear view of the artwork for those traveling toward Richmond Street from nearby neighborhoods.

Safety fencing

The wall is topped with unobtrusive metal mesh fencing designed to blend into the background. This fence is needed for safety reasons since the rail yard behind the wall remains active.

  • Status: Construction completed in 2015