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I-95 can be more than a highway

Rebuilding I-95 brings unique opportunities for its neighborhoods to have a say how it can be a better fit for their communities. Work with us to create public spaces underneath and adjacent to I-95 that will benefit you and generations to come.

As PennDOT’s engineers design improvements to the structures and travel lanes of I-95 that will serve motorists for decades, others are exploring ideas at ground-level to connect Philadelphia's River Wards to the Delaware Riverfront and bring other quality-of-life touches to the spaces under the highway. living, working, and moving in and around the neighborhoods adjacent to it.

To that end, PennDOT has gathered residents, business owners, public officials and its own specialists  together to collaborate on affordable and sustainable enhancements to improve pedestrian mobility between neighborhoods and create new spaces for community use and enjoyment.

Please take a few minutes to explore the ideas that we’re developing for and with your neighbors. Then consider getting involved and adding your voice to the future of I-95.