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Scroll down for answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the project to improve I-95 in Philadelphia. If you don't find your answer here, send us your question and one of our engineering, environmental or construction experts will provide an answer.

  • How long will I-95 remain under construction between Cottman Avenue and Interstate 676 in Philadelphia?

  • Does reconstruction on I-95 include installation of noise walls?

  • Will Richmond Street north of Indiana Avenue get noise barriers similar to those that will be going up on Richmond Street south of Indiana?

  • What are these criteria that need to be met that will determine whether or not noise walls may be included in the project?

  • Why is PennDOT taking two feet of sidewalk on Richmond Street between Ann and Westmoreland streets?

  • When was the public consulted about the proposal to reduce Richmond Street sidewalks between Ann and Allegheny streets? When was a vote held and why was the decision not publicized?

  • How will parking on Richmond Street be affected during construction between Ann Street and Allegheny Avenue?

  • Will business access be maintained during construction on Richmond Street?

  • Have alternative transportation modes and bike lanes been addressed as part of the Richmond Street project?

  • What is a Sustainable Initiative?

  • How will the coming work on I-95 affect travel on the interstate and in the neighborhoods adjacent to it?

  • How will I know if my property is in the way of any of the planned improvements on I-95?

  • What can we do if we have specific questions about any of the upcoming projects on I-95 in Philadelphia?

  • What can I do to report a pothole or other problem on the road in Pennsylvania?

  • What are the color detour signs for that I see posted on roads near I-95's interchanges?

  • Will Noise Walls be included in AFC?