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12/6/2010 Cottman Interchange Status: December 2010

Ramp construction also at Princeton Avenue, State Road

New water, sewer and gas mains are mostly in place beneath Cottman Avenue and workers are reconstructing the northern half of the roadway between State Road and Torresdale Avenue while crews complete activities to connect the new lines at cross streets.

PennDOT’s contractor is installing inlets along the north side of Cottman Avenue from the Amtrak overpass to State Road as part of the work to rebuild that side of the roadway. The city’s gas utility (PGW) is connecting the lines at the intersection of Cottman and Torresdale, avenues, and a utility contractor is scheduled to install fiber optic lines under the north side Cottman Avenue prior to planned paving, weather permitting, this winter.

Cottman Avenue is being lowered and rebuilt to provide additional clearance under the Amtrak bridge and widen it to three lanes as part of the $31.9 million I-95/CP1 project that is currently underway. The widened Cottman Avenue will be converted to a two-directional roadway to improve traffic flow to and from the busy interchange at the completion of work in mid-2011.

On the east side of State Road between Princeton and Cottman avenues, gas utility crews continue to connect the new gas lines – installed as part of the widening and rebuilding that section of roadway -- to residences and business on State Road in work that is expected to be completed by the end of the year. South of Princeton Avenue, the new water main also is in place and will be tied-into the existing main at Barton Street and will be tied in to existing services this month.

Improvements to Princeton Avenue also are virtually finished between Torresdale Avenue and Keystone Street. Paving crews placed the final layer of blacktop – the wearing course – in November on Princeton Avenue. Crews plan to complete paving at the intersecting streets in this area later this month, weather permitting. PennDOT has rebuilt that section of Princeton Avenue and installed new sub-surface utilities, traffic-calming curb extensions (bump-outs), new sidewalks and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) curb ramps on the five block stretch east of Torresdale Avenue. Princeton Avenue will be converted to two-ways at the finish of the CP1 project in 2011 once the existing on-ramp is removed and improvements are completed at the intersection with State Road.

East of Keystone Street, work is expected to begin in early 2011, weather permitting, to widen Princeton Avenue and add a right turn lane at State Road. Work at that intersection is expected to continue into 2011.

Construction also is continuing on the new on-ramp to southbound I-95 from State Road at Longshore Avenue. A retaining wall, to support the I-95 embankment, is in place, as is the stormwater drainage system for the new ramp. Base paving at the ramp has been completed. Placement of the final concrete paving for this new ramp may be done this winter, conditions permitting. This new ramp will replace the existing southbound on-ramp from Princeton Avenue.

The existing northbound on-ramp at Princeton Avenue also is being improved. Work is underway to rebuild the existing ramp and to add an add an adjacent spur ramp from Milnor Street. A retaining wall to support the ramp’s western embankment is in place and the existing ramp is being widened so that traffic can be shifted to the left when the new spur ramp from Milnor Street is built early next year. Crews are expected to resume construction of a second retaining wall -- that will support the new northbound on-ramp to I-95 at Milnor Street (spur ramp) -- later this month. The extension from Milnor Street is being built to provide access to the interstate for the traffic on the east side of I-95.

All the work is being done under the first of two stages of construction at the I-95/Cottman Avenue Interchange in Northeast Philadelphia. Stage 2 is expected to begin in mid-2011 at completion of the current project.

Travel Impacts

  • Restrictions on Cottman Avenue may cause backups approaching State Road from the northbound off-ramp from I-95.
  • Restrictions on Cottman Avenue may cause backups on State Road approaching the intersection.
  • Restrictions on State Road may cause backups at the intersection with Cottman Avenue.
  • Construction at State Road and Princeton Avenue may cause backups on Princeton Avenue east of Torresdale Avenue.
  • Construction of the new State Road southbound on-ramp, and the new Milnor Street access ramp northbound, will have minimal impact on traffic-flow on I-95.

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