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3/16/2010 Girard Interchange Status 3.16.10


Support piers and pier spans are in place and deck construction is now underway on the temporary southbound off-ramp at the I-95 Girard Avenue Interchange. The ramp, located immediately adjacent to the existing off-ramp that connects with Girard Avenue, will help move traffic through the interchange during upcoming construction on I-95, giving motorists direct access to the waterfront along Delaware Avenue via Aramingo Avenue.

As deck construction progresses, crews will complete work on the ramp’s abutment, where it connects with an earthen embankment that has been built up to connect to Aramingo Avenue.

Work also has resumed on construction of the temporary connector road that will carry northbound Aramingo Avenue traffic through the interchange to a new signalized intersection with existing Aramingo Avenue near Norris Street. Much of the connector has been excavated and graded with a stone base. Curbs are now being constructed. The Delaware Avenue-to-Aramingo Avenue connection will be paved later this spring.

Crews have removed a concrete island from Delaware Avenue and excavated the area to create an intersection with the connector near the existing northbound on-ramp to I-95.

At the conclusion of work this summer on I-95/GR0, the first of six stages of construction to improve the interchange and reconstruct adjacent segments of I-95, Aramingo Avenue will be converted to southbound-only between the new intersection with the northbound connector road and Delaware Avenue.

During construction at the interchange, the ramp from Girard Avenue to I-95 north is closed. A posted detour directs eastbound drivers onto Richmond Street, where they can access northbound Aramingo Avenue and the ramp to I-95 north.

Motorists and residents also may encounter and be impacted by utility construction on Delaware Avenue and other surface roads in the project area. Most of these activities are not part of PennDOT’s GIR project. These separate utility projects are proceeding on their own schedules and hours of operation. Go here for more utility information.

The improvements being completed under I-95/GR0 are designed to move traffic between the interstate ramp/Aramingo Avenue and Delaware Avenue/the waterfront during the five future construction stages.

Travel Impacts
• Girard Avenue Ramp to I-95 North detoured

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The Separate Projects

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  • Cottman Avenue to Bridge Street (BSR)
  • Bridge Street to Betsy Ross Bridge (BRI)
  • Betsy Ross Bridge to Girard Avenue (AFC)
  • Girard Avenue Interchange (GIR)
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